Economic structural adjustment of the head office    2010-1-05

       Shanghai Fei Da Office Machinery Factory carried out reform last year as a result of the economic structural adjustment of the head office. We apologize to our customers as you were in trouble because you were not able to receive our high quality paper cutters and original service and spare parts. In order to safeguard the interests of our customers, we reorganized the enterprise with simplified original elite at the same address. The reorganized enterprise names Shanghai Yang Da Machinery Co., LTD. Product trademark is renamed as Yangda brand. No change for company address and telephones of sales and service departments. Yang Da company is continuing to provide high quality products, fine service, and original spare parts. Currently, we have recovered production, and finished placing orders for August. We are going to promote two type servo microcomputer programme controlled paper cutters with nice cost performance as FQZK670D(T)才FQZK520D(T). We wish keep on good cooperation relationship with our customers, and expect your support and help as always. All personnel with Yang Da company are grateful cordially hereon. The company core culture: Green, Safety and Security, Precise, Excellent, what we pursue is what we expect to share with our customers!

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