Shanghai Yang Da Machinery Co., LTD has accumulated several decades experience in paper cutter production. It is able to offer excellent products to users with ^exquisite design ̄, ^well selected set ̄, ^elaborately make ̄, ^fine service ̄ as well as strict & scientific quality management.
   Yangda brand fully hydraulic paper cutters are small size paper cutters, with features of high pressure on paper, accurate cutting, easy operation, safe & reliable, light & good looking, and so on. It has high cutting performance, and suitable for cutting paper, printed matter, and other soft material similar with paper.
   We wish keep on good cooperation relationship with our customers, and expect your support and help as always. All personnel with Yang Da company are grateful cordially. The company core culture: Green, Safety and Security, Precise, Excellent, what we pursue is what we expect to share with our customers!
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